What is the current product you working on?

Divya Rajendran
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Renzo Brus 💻⚡
Platform for smart legal contract management! From start to end, signatures and payments included 😎 And you?
My own website where I can sell and/or share the many and many unused old sleepy design in my Folder. 😌 It can be a nice project, a nice showcase of my work and many make a bit of money at the end of the month :) How about your project ?
Julia Doronina
An online converter that enriches all documents with anti-leak marks where in case of a leak you can make an investigation and determine the leaker.
Julia Doronina
@divya_rajendran Yes, of course! You can follow this link and get a free early access: https://app.leaksid.com/
Mahak from Outgrow
Karaoke app on flutter, though it's still in its initial phase from months😌
Divya Rajendran
@mahak Same things happen here 😂 Is this your side hustle?
Germanas Latvaitis
I am trying to build an easier app for managers to measure engagement - https://wellb.ee
Divya Rajendran
@germa Nice UI.. What is your tech stack?
Germanas Latvaitis
@divya_rajendran Hey Divya, thanks for kind words! I use Django for API and React.js for front-end. Also Gatsby.js for website. Kinda cool stack if you want go to market faster!
Derek Duban
Animation studio for creating templates that other people can use to make personalized GIFs. Or put another way, if you're creator, you can make gifs that people can customize.
Arpan Deb
An online TTS and AI music generation platform for creating voice overs.