What is the checklist when you are looking for a co-founder?

Sandeep Virk
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I am a founder myself & currently looking for a co-founder, but it's hard to trust a stranger.


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#What Do You Do in Your Free Time? The answer should touch on hobbies/interests that are related to your startup idea / career
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Ideally they are strangers you met at a networking event/hackathon. My checklist was: -Their level of ambition (must be super high) -How much initiative they take -They have the right balance of sticking to their guns when they're right but also changing their mind when evidence is presented. -Gotta be good at what they do (of course!)
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@between_team Thanks for the answer :)
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My co-founder and I used "50 Questions to Explore with A Potential Co-Founder." I highly recommend the list as the questions range from personal to strategic. https://review.firstround.com/th...
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@saritheberri Thanks for the article & it's really good :)