What is the best way to promote an affiliate program

Stanislav Dimitrov
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For one of our projects we've added a very generous (or so I think :) ) affiliate program. Any resources and advice on how to actually promote it would be much appreciated.


Try getting it listed on the affiliate promotion sites like Affiliate Watch & AffTable.
Food for thought and consideration... {Twistable} brainstorming to keep in mind! ... :) https://bookauthority.org/books/... All the best, David
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@david_babins Probably I'm a bit biased, but the word "eBook" has a lot of scammy connotations in my mind. Thanks for sharing this list thought!
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Outreaching influencers is a good way to go. You can target: - Quora influencers (you can get a list of top writers on most of the topic and Quora has a direct message feature) - Linkedin influencers (the hashtag feed are automatically curated for influencers) - Medium top writers - Podcast hosts -Youtube influencers (you can get their email from their about page). If you are interested https://www.tetriz.io/ can help you find relevant influencers
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@fabian_maume Thanks for the great ideas
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