What is the best way to fund a startup?

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I believe funding is a major hurdle for a startup owner. So, what are the best possible ways to raise funds for a startup with minimal investor interference into management? #startuptalk #startup


Ndu Ekwomadu
I believer the best way that has worked for my startup in getting funds is getting users . You may have to self fund just to get you started
Jack Davis
Just try and bootstrap for as long as possible. People think they always need money but if you are building a SaaS product you likely do not for a while. If you are trying to build SpaceX and launch rockets, you should not even care about the money but about the mission. So you will have to give up lots of equity to get where you want if your goals are super crazy.
@jack_davis7 Thanx Davis...I am building a SaaS product and funding out of my own pocket..But some where I feel that I might need funds to scale up the marketing part!! Thanx for your advise again!
Abdul Qadir
We are currently bootstrapping and growing our userbase to have our revenue fund our business. The freedom we have because of not having an investor is priceless for how we want to change the hosting industry.
Akarsh Jha
Like others have said, it comes down to being scrappy and bootstrapping at the start to validate your idea amongst customers. Once you prove your idea is valid, you can seek external funding to scale but at the start, just put in whatever you can on your own and see where the idea takes you