What is the best way to avoid your stress?

hiral prajapati
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Alexey Shashkov
No expectation, no disappointment. Live for now and wait for nothing. 😀
Mahak from Outgrow
@shashcoffe yes, you are right. Waiting for things to come and make us happy is itself so stressing. It's good to not expect things and do whatever you like even it makes no sense is best way to avoid stress.
Benoit Chambon
Sometimes, you can't avoid it. But you can deal with it. Enjoying and binding yourself focusing on your personal precious moments reduce stress when it comes. Well, I do boxing twice or more per week (alone and/or with sparring partner), pretty helpful against stress ;)
Khyati Rathod
Do one thing just share your inner thoughts with others and you feel stressed free trust me. I am doing the same thing I share my thoughts on QuoteMaker.in and I really appreciate it... :)
Nicholas Glickman
I read books. It helps me a lot. As soon as I get stressed, I go away for 30 minutes, grab a book and chilli!
Edgar Salakhutdinov
For me, reading stoics like Seneca and Marcus Aurelius helps out. The traditional exercise + meditation works well too. I believe that it is also about how deep you understand the motivation behind your actions.
Cica-Laure Mbappé
Stressing is human but you can cope with it. Embrace the feeling, actually, I am more productive and focus-driven when I stress out. If there's no stress, there is no challenge 😉
Lukas Haensch
Talking a walk & reading quotes/passages from thinkers prior to our time to reflect on what people already knew way before our times...
Steffen Wendt
I would say the following: - Reading books :) (Get a kindle or a fresh new book) - Doing nothing (Aka relax with a good movie or looking at the sky....and if you get stressed doing nothing, then doing something can help. Aka painting, writing, watching the) - Focus on 1 task, rather than 10 - Write stuff down all day (second brain - keep to simple bullets) - Walk (Fresh air - Walk in nature if you can) - Taking time to reflect - Listen to calm music without Vocals (Brain.fm for example) - Drinking water - Drinking less alcohol - Sleep (or good quality sleep). - Meditation/Yoga/movement (try doing this just by yourself) - Saying "No" and not dedicating all your time to others. And with that i will end with a Lao Tzu Quote: “If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.”