What is the best productivity tool you've ever used?

Rony Rom
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Currently using Trello with a bunch of power-ups. What's yours?


Anastasiia Iskovych
@rony_rom I tried Trello, Jira, Notion, and Fusioo. For now, Notion works best for me. I sometimes also create short to-do lists directly in Slack (in conversation with me 😅). I use Slack for work anyway and this way, I don't have to open a bunch of other tools. Did you try some of these tools? What's your feedback?
Rony Rom
@nastia_iskovych I'm not a fan of Slack, It's just so messy. Trello is good so far, Jira is just not as user friendly when it's not about product management. I do want to try Notion so we'll see about that :)
Waqar Wasti
Notion (file organizer & sprintboards) + ClickUp (dashboard + tasks) Found this combo really helpful recently Waq
TMetric + Jira
Evgeny Medvednikov
Let mw show you https://www.producthunt.com/post..., a collaborative tool to collect and manage information
Ana Sofia Zuluaga
Notion is amazing for keeping everything organized in one place and it has great integrations, I use it every day. As for time management, I don't know if you've heard of the Pomodoro Technique that involves 25-minute work sprints, I use this website https://pomofocus.io/ and it helps a lot with productivity, especially if you're working remotely :)
Rony Rom
@ana_zuluaga That's funny, I just started to research Notion today and my mind is blown. And my therapist mentioned the Pomodoro technique so now I feel like I need to try it out :)
Raitis Velps
Been going thru a lot of tools in recent years and I have found that the best tool, no matter how featured packed or lack of, is tool that you feel comfortable using and your first instinct is to open it when needed. Currently running or Apple Notes, Notion and Google Docs.
WhatsResponse - a rules based autoresponder for WhatsApp. www.whatsresponse.com www.producthunt.com/posts/whatsr... Can also double up as a social CRM for small businesses
Harry Kulkarni
I use the free ismart.life app for planning. I have been using this application for over 3 years. In this application, I plan all my personal goals, projects, and tasks. There is a demo that does not require registration and you can understand whether it suits you or not. Hope this will be helpful.
David Miller
Hey Rony, I use ProProfs Project (proprofsproject.com) to streamline my everyday processes and offer a collaborative space where my team members can come together to deliver best-performing projects. The tool lets me set task dependencies, track milestones, and view overall project progress on the go. This helps my teams stay on track and be productive throughout a project’s life cycle.