What is the best mistake you ever made?

Aron Kornhall
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Sometimes mistakes take you in unexpected directions that turn out to be really good ones.


Pablo Fatas
I failed one of my exams and had to take a year out. Ended up working on a start up with some friends. We are now working on our second start up and recently launched on PH and got product of the week and still fighting for product of the month with OpenAI 😂
rinas 🧑‍💻
Being in the comfort zone and not start working on side projects! Feels super lively again. The same feeling when I started coding 😁
Sebastian Potcher
I woke up this morning. Just Joking. I got a job by arriving 2 hours late to the interview (got lost in public transport). The recruiter was super relax as it was the end of his shift.
Preeti Chovoor
My best mistake was thinking I had to stay by some standards that my parents set and only abide by those rules. I'm glad I learned and decided to choose me and what makes me happy. Kind of why I am at the college I am at today.