What is the best feature of cryptocurrencies?

Amin Mossadek
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There are so many reasons to get involved with crypto, what is your interest.


David J. Kim
Return growth isn't really a feature, that's just how much the market wants it. I'd say the tech applications.
Amarnath Nagula
IMO the best feature was the ability to transfer funds abroad within seconds without any restrictions.
Ira GI
If you would like to know what cryptocurrencies are all about, you should know the fundamental features of them briefly. Cryptocurrencies are very secure: They are secured by the cryptography codes. And they are locked by using a public cryptographic system. Every owner has their own private key.
Kirman Smith
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Amanda Trincher
I think the future is a bit uncertain. We have already seen the undermining of the economies of countries that invested money at the national level in bitcoin, and after the fall they got economic difficulties. Also, I read an article on the site https://hpgnetworks.com/ that the authorities are constantly worried about cryptocurrency