What is that one thing which drives you to build products?

Pushpak Mundre
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I have been using PH for few months and noticed everyday people from all around the globe launch product, one day I aspire to do the same. I want to know what inspires you to do this so maybe I can also build something useful.


Sune B. Thorsen
I just really like solving problems. Nothing beats seeing people interact with and enjoy your product, and so that's what I always aim to achieve. It's what drives me to continue building :)
Nova N.
You learn a lot by trying to make a good product that people will use.
Ryan Temple
I am driven to build social apps that connect people. There is no greater feeling than knowing your product created a friendship between 2 random strangers :-)
Bikash Kampo
When one builds a product it is definitely eager to solve a problem or better I would say to create an experience. What inspires every entrepreneur to go out every day and hustle and aspire to build better product: (1) Willingness and ability to learn quickly from mistakes. (2) A strong emotional commitment to personal goals. (3) A perfectionist's pursuit of excellence in all things. (4) The power of positive recognition from others. (5) Need to avoid shame, anxiety, and fear of failure. (6) Motivated by meeting every deadline.
Meng Wee Tan
Trying to address a particular pain point.
Aleksej Vukomanovic
I love building projects that helps save time and effort to achieve defined goals. The creative process to find new solutions inspires me.
Dagobert Renouf
There's something incredible about making something and seeing people really get it and have a "wow" effect. When you've ironed out all of the issues and now the product is just perfectly smooth, and everybody understands and likes it.
Artūrs Jaunošāns
There are basically 2 time periods: 1) Romantic period - when you fall in love with your idea and spend each second of your time to develop your new product as fast as possible 2) Demotivational period - when you've built more than 50% of the product and understand that it will take a lot of time to complete. At the same time, launching at this time is not reasonable since there are a lot of unfinished things. In the first period you don't need a drive, everything happens itself. But the second period is hard. I personally try to optimize existing code, come up with new "wow" features and think about the end result. Also, measuring existing progress helps a lot when you don't feel like continuing.
Simon Blok
@archii it's true! Therefore, the key is to build a MVP in that first period ;-). Real user can really motivate you to go on and ship things!
Artūrs Jaunošāns
@simonblok It's easy to trap yourself into "never completed MVP". I always try to build something that works even if it's MVP. But you have a good point for sure.
Simon Blok
@archii I think the MVP is the product which convince users to try it. After that your 'MVP' becomes 'the product' which you will develop with more features, based on the feedback from users.
Caroli Schmitt
I just want to solve the problems of users in more efficient and affordable way. Is it too down to earth? :-)
Gus Sachdev
What is your legacy? I can't paint, sing, draw, play.. I am funny at times - but my legacy will be the app I build.
Хорека Одесса
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Miguel Hill
The drive to help people and make complicated stuff simple.
My life's mission statement. Build software to aid in skill acquisition and personal development.
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