What is something everyone should know?

Jaskiran Kaur
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What is something everyone should know?


Atul Ghorpade
Learn to Earn money while sleeping. Want to learn this skill.
Jaskiran Kaur
@atulghorpade Very true Atul!!! What do you suggest? Right now, cryptocurrency is coming into my mind.
Atul Ghorpade
@jaskiran_kaur Actually, there are lot of great ways to earn money. (Let's see. We will find few ways.)
How to boil and egg...
Amarnath Nagula
Life is a single-player game.
Iris Park
That's a question I haven't thought of. I think everyone should know basic rules to stick to, but then the question would be what are the basic rules :D
Richard Anthony
Don't eat yellow snow.
Miriam Barchilon
Nothing lasts forever. All of the good and bad situations will eventually be over, so don't let them get to your head or let you down.