What is best when you stuck in a bug very bad?

Mir Taha Ali
2 replies
This is almost happened to everyone, right? Whenever I stuck in a bug very bad, almost tried everything in last couple of hours. I take a break of hours or even days! What do you do or prefer? Take a break or try and try again?


Tobias Gray
Sometimes just going to another team member and explaining it gives me that lightbulb moment on what the cause of an issue may be. Explaining stuff to others just makes you think in a slightly different perspective I think.
Jacek Wójcik
I think you should go for a walk or otherwise distract yourself. That way, you'll be able to escape this "dead end" and when you think about it again (or explain it to another person or duck), you may be able to see the problem from a different perspective. Furthermore, if "fixing" this bug means a lot of work (e.g., rewriting many lines of code), then when you distract yourself in a way that you enjoy, you'll be more likely to do that work (and stop looking for an immediate fix that doesn't exist). I hope this helps you :)