What is a perfect product for customers?

Sathish Nagarajan (SNR)
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Startup founders are puzzled about when to launch a product. At any time there could be insufficiency in the product for different use cases, unlike bespoke software. I am starting this discussion to get your views on when do you decide a product is ready for launch, how do you receive your prospect feedback when you first hit the market. We may need to select a niche, scope it or find what is MVP is usual answers that are discussed. If you may share some examples it will be a great value addition to this discussion


Nikita Dutta
The most important thing I feel you need for your website is a good customer engagement tool. This problem can be resolved for you with managed live chat (https://chatmetrics.com/) as agents will always be available on your site to interact with the website visitors and understand their requirements and provide them with the right solution.
Elena Cirera
Creating a near-perfect product experience in a competitive market is critical to building customer loyalty and trust. A perfect product should provide a near-perfect experience to the customer.
Jared Cornell
As a product-based company, we are always monitoring the customer experience. Every time we launch a new product, we track all product-related complaints and queries using a tool called ProProfs Help Desk (https://www.proprofsdesk.com/). This helps us identify common problem areas and improve our offerings. In addition to this, we also share regular CSAT, NPS surveys to better understand customer expectations.
Marko Balažic
I am a big fan of launching fast and often. Run a Discovery phase. You can do tests with a few target audiences and "sub" products and see if you are really addressing pain. Try to hack multiple prototypes with different combinations of features and learn to see what is crucial.