πŸ“ˆ What is a growth strategy for increasing followers on Socials?

Hey community! How are you? Have you a special trick/advice for increasing followers on Social??? Tell us!


Alexey Shashkov
Hey, Renzo. This is a good question. I would want to get this advice too)
Fabian Maume
Well, why do you want to increase your number of followers? Number of follower is typically a vanity metrics, which doesn't help your bottom line. Any growth strategy, should start by looking at your business goal. How does getting new followers helps with your business goal?
Renzo Brus πŸ’»βš‘
@fabian_maume Hey Fabian, thanks for replying! Nice thought but i don't agree totally with you! More followers means more visibility and traffic on socials with the opportunity to reach more leads and clients! πŸš€
Fabian Maume
@trakti That will depend of your business goal. More followers means more people you can follow up with by posting on social media. If you have a short sales cycle, having a CTA to encourage people to follow you is counter productive. So again : think about you business goal first. Check if having more followers make sense. Check which social media, is relevant for your audience. And only then, you can move to the tactics level about how to gain more followers.
Julia Doronina
One of our approaches was to attract bloggers, we made a special strategy, a content plan for them, and offer to try our product and publish posts/stories/videos with their feedback.
This is my experience regarding Twitter: Create useful threads. Learn how to compose a thread and add hooks so that people are drawn to it. Also, tweet a lot more - more than you think. Engage with others 5 mins per day. If you can, automate posting to Twitter.
Sindhu Biswal
Chase shares as a metric. Rest will follow.
Oliver Kraftman
Very specific to our product (collate.org), but we are running student writing competitions, which allows us to: - Attract high profile relevant twitter users to judge the comp (they love helping students win prizes) - who will then share our profile/follow us and hopefully do so again in the future. - Leverage the students who enter to share their content/and us on their own socials. i.e. create incentives for people responding/reading their letter - Creates opportunity for us to partner with other orgs with similar interests in public discourse and student engagement, some may have larger followings and can shout us out too Just one tactic and not a long term strategy, but I think it will be a big boost for our socials going from 0 to 500, or 1,000 follows, which feels like a really hard place to break out to.
John Allen
One trick that works particularly well is to pick a topic that you know well and want to post about. People often follow others outside of their personal networks because they want to repeatedly see a specific style or category of content. This is essentially the same reason why branding works so well in business. People love certain brands because of their expertise and niche ideas.
Tung Nguyen
For me, it's all about understanding your customer personas, then adapting that to a content strategy that answer each's needs, diversifying content angle and engagement tactics. Increase followers and engagement to each post means more traffic => More conversion
Jay Dee
One of the most obvious but very underutilized strategies is to expand your social presence on to as many platforms as you possibly and humanly can. It's essentially the Gary Vee technique where he's basically everywhere. This gives people the chance to follow him on their favorite and most used platform, whatever it happens to be. Once you have content or a link to share on one, you can share it on all of them, it takes a long time to do it one by one manually. My small team and I are actually working on a new service (a web toolkit) that does exactly this, along with other cool social media growth features. If you or anyone else is curious It's called GrindZero (https://grindzero.snapzu.com). Our beta is launching soon and official PH launch soon there after. Cheers! 🍻
Joanna Radecka
I'd say that first of all is all about an engagement - even though it seems obvious, lots of brands forget about it. Post content regurarly, talk to your community, try to understand what brings them to you and continue doing it! Secondly, a collaboration with bloggers/incluencers might help. Their feedback might bring lots of new followers. Good luck!
Rebecca Snowmith
It's not about what type of content you produce but how many followers you have. It's all about who you are as an individual brand. To grow your social media following, you must show that you are trustworthy and reliable. These are the top tips and tricks to grow your social media following in 2021 organically. In short, you have to do the following these tricky tips. 1. Be a follow-worthy brand. 2. Use automation. 3. Focus on customer service. 4. Promote your social media accounts. 5. Actively engage. 6. Watch the competition. 7. Know what's being said on social media. 8. Establish your social media voice and tone. 9. Select the best channels to be on. 10. Facebook best practices. 11. Twitter best practices. 12. Instagram best practices. 13. LinkedIn best practices. 14. Be sincere and graceful. 15. Quality over quantity. 16. Don't sound robotic. 17. Research hashtags before use. 18. Ignore trolls. It's too long if I've to write in this page. I've posted in my blog "tips and tricks to grow your social media followers in 2021 organically. You can read full article and DOWNLOAD THE BRANDING CHECKLIST WORKSHEET – NO EMAIL REQUIRED (off course free of charge) at https://bit.ly/3EdDWKC
Keen to hear what others have to say! I'm a big fan of the build-in public strategy.
Jareer Samad
Hey Renzo, I think it would be more helpful to form authentic connections on social media platforms by engaging consistently and being helpful, rather than just thinking about how to increase followers.
Varvara Kisialeva
Communication with the followers is the best way I guess.
Felix Ayoola
Is this for a personal account or a company's account?
Dimi Tarasowski
For Twitter: a single tweet brought over 30k of impressions over 70 new followers. You simply tweet about tools you use and include the company Twitter profile in your tweets. If they retweet, you will get immediately huge exposure. Rinse and repeat.
Bertha Kgokong
Fastest way, that works every-time is - follow people and 20% will follow back on twitter, instagram too . . . In the olden days you could follow up to 1000 people a day, these days, its must harder. So follow slowly. Obviously combine that with all the good stuff, consistency, great content, etc etc
Josh Freeland
any businesses or services anyone could recommend for helping a new company grow on socials?