What if you could identify SaaS reviewers personally?

Axel Lavergne
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Hey guys! Say you could get your competitors unhappy customers' names. Not just company name, the actual person writing the negative review on your competitor. Would that be of any interest? How much interest💰? Feedback very welcome!


Thomas Fournier
If my ACV > 10-30k€ per year, clearly I would be interested for prospecting!
Axel Lavergne
@thomas_fournier thanks for following up! It's certainly interesting to look at this from an ACV perspective thanks for the feedback!
David J. Kim
I doubt anyone would *not* want something like this. It helps you identify what you can do that your competitors are not focused on.
Wouldnt this be more valuable to the incumbent service provider than for the new one? Would the incumbent service provider not want to retain a customer, when CACs are only going north today.
I would be super interested, if I have a bouquet of solutions to sell, and this can be an entry point. Else, a unhappy customer of one, I think always thinks about why a new solution doesnt work, unless he actively comes looking. And there are no perfect solutions out there..isnt it.
Axel Lavergne
@srama79 Hey Ram, thanks for following up! Very valid point, retention over acquisition, that's certainly something to consider!