What if the business ideas are seen as artworks like any other artworks?

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Hi all, That question has stayed in my mind for a very long time, and today I am going to express it to the community to hear the voices from other people around the world. ---- After starting up my own business and working at several big corporations in my country, I’ve figured out my passion is to research the market needs and come up with a digital product solution and business model to solve that unmet needs. At the workplace, I am often called an idea machine who is able to generate many original and creative ideas from different perspectives. However, I’ve realized that I am only interested in the phase of ideation and lead the product until it achieves the problem-solution fit stage. And, I’m not so dedicated to staying at a specific company for a long time to work on only 1 product and gain a high position in that company. On the other hand, while working for a company, help them to build a new idea and business model, then quit, the sad truth is I’ve sold my expertise at a super low price. Because after I leave, they will just get everything I’ve worked so hard to make to the market and make tons of money while I didn’t get anything :( ---- That’s why I always questioned myself if there is an opportunity in the global world for the creative type of people like me to monetize our product idea and its business model without starting an actual business for that idea? It’s normal to see a designer or a music producer sell their artworks through the platforms like Dribble. They are called artists who are able to work individually and monetize their creative works. Nonetheless, business ideas are not ever seen as artwork. People always say that an idea cannot be sold until it proves its product-market fit. But at the same time, everyone understands the fact that in order to reach the product-market fit, the founders will need to rely on many other factors than just an idea itself. As a result, many great ideas which are not just lucky enough to be in the good timing and place will be removed forever :( ---- What if we also consider business ideas as artwork like any other artwork? Those who are capable of building the creative solutions including the product idea and its business model for a specific problem, but don't have enough resources (or don't want) to scale it until the point of reaching product-market fit. What if those creative guys have a chance to sell it for people who have more resources capability to build a viable business for that product and scale? What if the proven ideas could be an NFT to sell to the company that wants to own that to apply into their business? Instead of starting from scratch, this way will cut down the cost for businesses! I could imagine the happy ending is that the business creators will not have to force themselves to work for a company, sell their intelligence/expertise at a low price in order to help their boss (the sales guys) to become richer and richer. Instead, they just need to focus on researching the unmet needs, discover the possible problems, build the product-solution fit, and sell it to those who are better at sales and running a business. ---- I would love to hear your thoughts about this question! 🥰🥰🥰🥰
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