What hosting do you use for personal projects?

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I use Netlify but want to explore alternatives as well...


Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
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I use my own hosting wich I purchase from a hosting provider.
David J. Kim
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Godaddy. I used to use free hosting but that had too many problems.
Ignacio Carmona
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Heroku or a cheap shared hosting like namechep
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I haven’t found any hosting providers as good as Netlify. I tried render.com briefly, and I tried Fleek. Even Glitch is not as convenient as Netlify.
Derek Brunson
I would like to share with you information on how you can easily transfer web hosting from one provider to another, and for this, I advise you to navigate here. I can say that before starting the transfer of your site, purchase a new hosting from a more reliable and suitable host for your needs. After that, get the archive of site files and databases and start the transfer. More detailed information can be found in the article.
Demian Dex
Hi i am Demian
Please advise where you can order inexpensive hosting for our website. Now we plan to open a small website for our company with a description of our services, as well as there will be our blog. What hosting provider is better to apply?
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Relatively inexpensive cloud hosting https://www.hostforweb.com/cloud/ you can buy from Host for Web. The price starts from $10 per month, but the parameters will be average. The provider provides more than 189 plugins for the server, available for installation in one click. I needed higher parameters, 16 GB of RAM, and sometimes you need to scale this figure. In cloud hosting, you can do it literally in a couple of clicks. Well, the processor is isolated from the other clients of the provider.
Anna Libert
Hi guys! I will be glad if you recommend me a cool hosting, thanks in advance!
Hello! When I put my website on hosting, I compared various services for a long time and after analysis I decided to use hosting from the company which has GPU dedicated server It was important for me to have server fault tolerance, I could not allow the site to shut down, and also for my The amount of storage fit perfectly, so I chose them!