What has been your favourite product on PH?

Mark Lucking
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Every time on come on product hunt I find something new and exciting, which is why I love this platform. The mix of ideas, companies and software's are great, and sometimes it is the simplest ideas that make me wonder, why didn't I think of that. I tried thinking of what my favourite product I have seen on here, but I had so many. One of my favourites lately was the Doom Captcha. What has been your favourite product on PH?


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My favorite product on Product hunt is Qinaps - Note taking SaaS app
Designer, maker of things.
Probably chaosMachine, a random image generating web app. It made me want to create my own after playing with it for a while.
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Mine is Laoshi) https://www.producthunt.com/post... But it is only relevant for those who is learning or who wants to learn Mandarin
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mine is camella manors https://www.camellamanors.com