What green products, tools, websites do you know of?

Ali Alsayed
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By green I mean a product that uses green hosting, doesn't install too many ad trackers or at least offsets it’s carbon emissions by planting trees for example. It could be any type of product. Analytics, marketing, design, news etc.


Nico Spijker
https://www.ecosia.org/ -- is a pretty legit search engine that donates a good part of its profits to planting trees :)
Maddie Lee
I don't use them or know much about them, but I always thought this company's value prop was interesting: https://www.linkedin.com/company...
Radu Judele
Of the top of my head I can think of mojeek.com, greennet.org.uk, posteo.de, usearnold.com, kualo.co.uk and greennet.org.uk. There are plenty more though. Selfish plug, I built an open-source browser extension called Ethical Product Alternatives to help you discover new, more ethical tools focused on privacy. You can get it here: https://ethicalhq.com/ethical-pr... (or find us on Product Hunt) Hope you find this useful @ali_alsayed
Caroline Schneider
Being green means to us to minimize our digital carbon footprint. This is why we created a tool that allows other developers to measure and reduce their website's CO2 emissions. If you're interested in this topic too, check out GreenFrame.io