What does encourage you to try a SaaS product?

Mohsen Kamrani
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Many of us here are SaaS founders and have products that can be really useful for others but often people don't engage and I believe it's more of psychological challenge than anything else. My question is that how can a founder encourage you to try their product? Do you think assuring no sales will happen or mentioned unless you ask for it can help? Do you think 5-10 minutes zoom meetings are a good way?


Talia Bender
I like to see the creator/founder produce content (namely video, but blog is also great) detailing the launch or explaining functionalities of the application. I think that it puts a face to the name and provides an essence of closeness to the creator. This type of content does not necessarily to be lengthy, as I have seen successful 30-second to 1-min tutorial videos that resonate. Anything that showcases the creator's knowledge of the product/excitement for launch/personality is great.
Mohsen Kamrani
@taliambender Thanks for sharing Talia. it makes absolute sense. I just noticed that I feel exactly the same and if the landing page has a video it persuades me 100x to try the product.
Akriti Vyas
I totally agree with @taliambender. Try Out a Win-Back Offer for Expired Trials is also a great motivation to try a SAAS product
Anastasiia Holiachenko πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
Hi! It depends on the product itself a lot. Here are my subjective thoughts on it. Anyway, it is almost always about the money, business/personal value, and individualized approach. The trials for the month/week/day or any proposals that will let your clients check out the product for free can easily solve the first problem. After the clients got an idea of how the product works and already had a good experience with it, it will be easier for them to make a decision. These can be personalized offers from founders. As @taliambender already mentioned video introductions can help a lot with getting the audience involved. People see the founder, his/her product and will be more likely to use it compared to the non-personalized solution with the same features. Founders can also announce the upcoming features, do the "build in public" blog, or just produce the content for the target audience on YouTube/Twitch/Instagram to involve more users. For me, it is important to understand the value of what I get using the SaaS product. The founder can show how handy/cool/quick, etc the service is, and that will make a lot of sense. The last one is all about the customer journey in your service. You have to be sure that everything is crystal clear, no tips are needed, or maybe the consultation from the founder/account manager, etc. To do this, you can be personally involved in the communication with users.
Mohsen Kamrani
@taliambender @anastasiia_holiachenko Thanks Anastasia, so many excellent points to take note of. Will definitely implement them.
Rajat Dangi πŸ› οΈ
In my personal experience, sales pitches and invitations to short zoom calls are annoying. Because that creates an impression that I'd need to learn a lot to use this tool. I am more compelled to use a SaaS when I discover the product organically. I have the following suggestions: - A free forever tier makes it easy to give the product a try. - If "free forever tier" isn't possible, then a free trial that doesn't require the user to add a credit card is a relief. Because often, as a user we are worried "what if I forget to cancel it before the trial ends?". - Share success stories of other users in form of tweet threads, blogs, and videos. - Encourage existing users to invite others in exchange for a discount on their billing. - Assuring that no sales will happen will take away the guilt. It's a good idea. - Pre-recorded introduction video and short explainer blogs are also helpful