What do you you think about foundation upvote system?

Adam Arie
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I have decided to join Foundation platform to explore new world of digital arts. But I've faced new registration system - through upvotes. In order to start using the platform, you have to get upvoted by users (?) and only after something will happen... What do you think about this method? Has anyone had the same experience? P.S.: If you may support me, I would be appreciate =) My upvote link: https://foundation.app/adamush


Tammy Martin
The foundation upvote system on Reddit serves as a democratic tool, allowing users to highlight valuable content. It fosters community engagement and rewards quality contributions. Moreover, platforms like Foundation centre play a crucial role in supporting initiatives from the ground up, aligning with the democratic spirit of online communities. Such collaborations enhance the impact of grassroots efforts and contribute to a more inclusive digital environment.