What do you want to know about Discord?

Erin Mikail Staples
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Discord has quickly become one of the most discussed tools in the last year in regards to community building — but I constantly hear of how much people hesitate when it comes to actually using it and adopting it. I'm curious to know — what do you want to know more about Discord? What do you hate about it? What do you love about it?


Dawid Zamkowski
Hey Erin. I'm happy that Discord added threads feature - I just prefer the ones on Slack... It just helps with building communities. There are always advantages and disadvantages. I think that the community should be on a few platforms - Discord for a more organized way of building relationships and Slack for mostly "daily" chatting.
Erin Mikail Staples
@dawidzamkowski I'm curious how you think Discord threads and Slack threads are different and how you have found it helps you build community? And woah — slack and discord? I haven't seen a community that uses both yet! How does the conversations differ?
Dawid Zamkowski
@erinmikail threads let me run community in more organised way. For example, one of Orbit's competitors uses both - Discord and Slack.
Discord problems: - Workflows - Lack of useful Notifications (too much or too little noise) - Lack of integration (especially no-code tools) Also in general it has a perception of being something that's used for gamers. PS I use it loads!
Erin Mikail Staples
@maxwellcdavis agree with you on the perception and the dark interface! And the notifications I find mixed on so many servers — I left so many servers because of this! (but lol I also left slack channels because of people abusing the "everyone" tag` Workflows — what would you want to see out of this.
@erinmikail Well Discord doesn't really integrate with other tools well - so it's difficult to incorporate it with you standard tools.
Aashray Singhal
The User-Interface of Slack is much responsive and flexible However, when it comes to discord, it isn't much flexible. Though we get a lot of features on Discord too at a cheap price . Discord isn't a go-to option for community building. I have been operating in many communities, and I feel Slack has an uperhand.
Jonathan Massabni
Interesting thread! Love the discussions and interactions between community members. Hate how complex the interface looks. Would want to know why do they call their discussions "Servers" ?!