What do you try to accomplish in 24hrs?

Matt Benites
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As founders, co-founders and makers, I bet it's common that we often try to fit as much in one day as possible. For our startup, that's the dev team putting in 15 of those hours building the workspace that will be pushed by next week. For Marketing, that's creating content and finding communities of Freelancers and Gig Workers. What does it look like for you/y'all?


AI for everyone, not just big business!
Each day I priority stack the things I know are coming (sometimes mentally, sometimes documented). During morning meet-up, I stick in any other new action items, and then I try to schedule out what I can get done. If I can't get the task done in its allotted time, I shelf it and move to the next thing. I find that getting enough done to share the work to the group, presenting, and collecting feedback keeps me focused on the highest priority thing.
In 24h I try to do the 3 most important tasks. The 3 tasks that will give the most of results. I have noticed that if I can accomplish the 3 most important things every day. If I focus only on that, we make good progress.
AI for everyone, not just big business!
@eliott_dupuy Well said, and what a struggle that can be some days.
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