What do you think the role of community plays in web3 space?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Joshua Dance
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I think the community is maybe the most valuable part of web3. My friend Caleb wrote about this in a post here, and I agree with him - https://twitter.com/calebhicks/s...
Andrew Kpyto
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Huge ^_^
Maciej Cupial
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web3 is one big community!
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Initially, I thought Web3 is itself a community, later learned its more than that. But I can see DAO's where the community aspect comes, where people hang out together in discord, take decisions collectively, and are focused on the mission of a DAO.
Babajide Ibiayo
Web designer and developer Lagos Nigeria
Community is very important in web3 space, it's the community that drives the innovation
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@babajide_ibiayo Amen, friend!
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Communities are core to web3. given web3 is decentralization, communities make or break a web3 app.
Bisnis Sukses
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Thank you
No way home lk21
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Web3 space is very best website.
Aileen Gomez
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The community is the main factor as how or why developers of web3 want to secure dencentralized network.
Sindhu J Thaakur
HR Leader
Extremely important. Thanks for raising this point. As an HR person, cannot emphasize more on the importance of community.
Binoy Dominic
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Prashant Dixit
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I'd say community is literally everything in web3
Grzegorz Trubilowicz
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It's certainly crucial for its full decentralization yet seeing some DAOs in action I find this ability for everyone to have a say at least troubling at times. It's not that creativity is not to be found in various places but sometimes, when you need to take a difficult, strategic decision then it shall be more relied upon experts, people with actual domain knowledge not by someone who read an article (or maybe even not). So on one hand it's the design of the community, the organization that it aspires to become but on the other hand it is a challenge for us all, the participants of the web3 projects to stay humble and abstain whenever some merit-based decision is being made (and we happen not to know much about ;-)
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@tru_greg Very level-headed approach, I wonder how many people can relate to this.
Fajar Siddiq
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Curation of content, moderation of posts? I think is good for community
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I think the community is the most important aspect of web3 space. Without a healthy community, it's tough to take important collective decisions especially in Dao's
Metal Gyan
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Most Important from Tech point of view.
Danielle Bechtel
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The role of community and decentralization is what fascinates me the most in web3. Our governing laws and valuation of paper as currency is all a social agreement. The web3 community will potentially rewrite century old agreements. I'm interested in the culture impacts of this.
product designer
I think community is everything. If the community dies your project is as good as dead and rugged.