What do you think is the best social media platform to promote your business?

Abdul Wahab
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Social media marketing has increased drastically in the past few weeks and has helped many businesses to grow exponentially. What do you think are the best platforms to promote your product/business?


Luka Vasic
Depends on the product. In my opinion, LinkedIn is a great platform to promote your business, tell a story about it, and get a community going... It takes a lot of constant work and is different than let's say Instagram, which mostly relays on ads, and doesn't have a great community-building aspect.
Saif Ullah Khalid
@luka_vasic LinkedIn is a great platform for the promotion of your business. But today, many people have contaminated(I could not find the proper word to express myself) it with their selfies or trip photographs, or memes. Somehow, we are losing the intent for what it was built.
Peter agar
TikTok is getting much popularity these days. In my opinion, it is a good platform to promote your product. But you have to keep in mind your targeted audience.
Vaibhav Taneja
For b2b brand I would say LinkedIn and Twitter is best and b2c Facebook, Instagram, youtube and TikTok.
Ezzat Suhaime
If you're targeting everyday people, TikTok
Vladislav Zhuravlev
It strongly depends on the type of your target audience and your product. YouTube and Twitch will be good for promoting games, but won't get you many clients if you're running a B2B business, for example. It's vital to perfporm a deep research on your target audience before starting any ad campaigns, including those on any social media platform. Learn where your target audience is - and this platform will be the best to promote your business.
Qudsia Ali
It all depends upon your target market and your product. Nonetheless, having a solid social media presence is a must for increasing awareness and promoting your business.
Gurpinder Singh
LinkedIn got great organic reach right now!
I'm developing it..!! Stay tuned for an MVP if MeCo, (MeCompany) 'Mind your own Business..!' coming soon... It allows P2P marketing and exchange
Dave Tuck
I visited this thread just to check it out.
Tony Yan
I tried Reddit and Linkedin. Reddit is very good if you can find a suitable subreddit and post valuable replies. But remember to follow the rules of every subreddit.
As Nabeel sir said, it depends on product and type of your business. Nowadays, there is a lots of competition in social media marketing, so you have to spend more time to build your brand identity.