What do you think has been the best movie of the year so far?

Bilal Hassan
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Rukhsar Amjad
waiting for the doctor strange...
Spiderman <3
Ali Muhammad
Netflix is best for watching movies in my experience. I have seen many movies, but ''Red Notice'' is my favorite.
Graeme O’Connor
Munich - The Edge of War is amazing if you like suspense, so tense and great acting. Don't watch it if you like action though because there isnt much!
Max Velin
As for me, the Dreamer blew up the Internet just with the release of the second part. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to go to the cinema at the time, but I wanted to see it as soon as possible. That's why I used everyone's favorite The Pirate Bay and downloaded this film to watch it at home. I personally really liked it. You should not expect from this movie to be serious, to be surprised with a little farce and hanging logic. We are faced with a picture based on a video game with all the consequences. Very suitable for young viewers and adults born from childhood.
Kenneth Lester
Personally, I really enjoyed Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which I watched on Kodi's Exodus Redux addon. This allowed me to fully enjoy the movie, because nothing interrupted me from watching it, and the quality was excellent. If you have something like this, go ahead https://www.firestickhow.com/exo... and install in a right way.