What do you think about the motivation of work?

Ebru Kırımlı
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We all have different motivations for everything. I am really curious about the motivation of people in the workplace. I do not think that is is just limited with money. Since the classical management theory claimed the situation like this, do you still think that it is all about money?


Sanem Cansın Orak
@ebru_kirimli1 for me, the idea of contributing to a greater good is what drives me the most. This may not be a "money-making" idea, but it's the source of my motivation definitely. If contributing to the greater good also brings money, that's a win-win situation :D
Ebru Kırımlı
@cansin_orak Good one Cansın! So can we say like contributing to a greater good which is not specially financially focused but the idea itself is driven by the financial support?
My motivation is that it's not just the money, but I am motivated because I can slowly develop my skills. It makes me happy that doing what I love contributes to the community.
ali ata
@ebru_kirimli1 I am so into to social relations, meeting new people and doing different things. So my biggest motivation in the workplace is the refreshing effect of of new/different experiences. <3
Ebru Kırımlı
@ali_ata Such an extrovert! Communication is the key for motivation for me either. Means much more than any other factors.
Hannah Wright
I am a big believer in trying to enjoy what you do as much as possible, whether that is work or education. It makes up such a big part of your life that doing something all day that isn't interesting or you don't feel motivated is such a waste. Find somewhere you love the people you work with, your values are aligned with their values, and have something specific you are working towards.
Ebru Kırımlı
@hannah_wright1 Totally agree on that! Nothing is worth it, if you are not happy in any area of life!
Nursena İşler
Doing what I love with the people I love is my greatest motivation. Knowing that I have contributed something useful for the world in peace keeps me moving forward.
Chandan Das
Taking new challenges is the motivation.
Hande Yılmaz
I think my biggest motivation is the team that i work with. If there is no joy in team, it makes me feel unmotivated. Also, I have to believe that I can improve myself with the tasks I take.
Ebru Kırımlı
@handeeyilmazz Seems like you are an exact team player! Keep going Hande, wish you never let that feelings go away! Love, Eb.
Burak Kahveci
Money is not everything but it is important. If you work on your favorite job, you probably succeed and usually, you make a lot of money. My motivation is to aim for more than I can.
Ebru Kırımlı
@burak_kahveci Good one Burak, maybe one point that I do not agree with you in here is that, if you work on your favorite job it does not always mean that this job will bring you a lot of money. So much factors involved here like sector, industry etc... However, about that being successfull in the area you are working with love is absolutelly my point of view! Thanks for sharing your idea.