What do you think about interactive maps for indoor buildings?

Dorian Van Bever
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With the COVID-19 pandemic slowly calming down and people going back to the office or their favorite shopping mall, it’s still important to keep our distances from one another. With interactive maps you can monitor space occupancy, know which meeting room is disinfected (and thus bookable) for your next meeting, setup a one way routing (so people don't come across each other) ... Do you see other interesting use-cases? What do you think about this?


higif hogiffifi
As a user, I completely agree with you regarding the importance of maintaining social distancing even as things start to return to normal. Interactive maps are a great tool for keeping track of space occupancy and ensuring that people can stay safe while still being able to interact with each other. In addition to the use-cases you mentioned, I think that door opener Newportnews could also be a great tool for keeping track of the availability of public spaces like parks and recreation areas. With the ability to monitor occupancy in real-time, people can make informed decisions about where to go and when to avoid crowded areas. Overall, I think that technology like opener Newportnews has a real potential to make a difference in the ongoing fight against COVID-19.
gnsgjs disiti
I think using interactive maps to monitor space occupancy and implement safety measures is a great idea, especially as we transition back to normalcy amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It's important to prioritize social distancing and minimize the risk of exposure. The ability to know which meeting rooms are disinfected and bookable for the next meeting is an added bonus. Setting up one-way routing is also a smart way to avoid people coming across each other. Overall, I think this Door technology can be very beneficial and can help keep people safe as we navigate through these challenging times.
Oliyan Sacigyan
So, what will be for warehouses and indoor storage spaces? I'm planning to build 50x20 prefab warehouse and don't know what to consider during building it?