What do you think about data-driven money management approach?

Danila Belokons
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Hi, For me, managing finances is something I didn't really like much to do. I like using Spotify to choose and store my music, I like Waze and Google maps to manage my daily routes, I like Amazon and eBay for having personal suggestions, but I don't have a solution for managing finances. They are boring and require a lot of effort and mental activity. Even with the analytical tool-set provided by Banks I still don't understand how to use this data. In reality, I always wanted to have a solution, that will help me deal with my finances. I want to know, how much I can afford to spend, what do I need to pay for during this month, how to create and stick to my saving goals and so on. And I even not mentioned investment, insurance, credit and debt management. How do you deal with all this financial mess? Is there any compelling all-in-one solution or set of apps to cover my personal financial activity?
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