What do you think about collaboration Apple and Open? Google is dying?

Islam Akramov
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🚀 Exciting News Alert: OpenAI + Apple collaboration in the Works! Apple Intelligence! 🍏 Dear PH Community, what do you think about this game-changes? Could this spell trouble for Google? Because Google was partnered with Apple for years like a Apple's default search engine. Join the conversation as we explore the implications of this groundbreaking partnership on the tech landscape. Let's shape the future together! 💡 #OpenAI #Apple #TechCollab #Google


Sol Yousefi
I think the collaboration between Apple and Open presents an interesting opportunity for innovation. As for Google, I don't believe they are dying, but they may face increased competition. Problem: How can you efficiently manage and automate content creation across multiple platforms? Contentify can help by utilizing AI agents to automate the creation and publication of content, including visuals, captions, and blog posts, tailored to your brand identity and marketing goals.
martin lington
The collaboration between Apple and OpenAI sounds promising! It's hard to say if it'll affect Google significantly, but competition often drives innovation, so we might see some Online Bills interesting developments in the future.