What do you hate most about Slack?

Alex Freas
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For years, and especially since the pandemic started, we've been basically living on Slack. What are the worst things about working on Slack for you, and how have you gotten around them? I created Truffle.bot to get around my least favorite thing: answering the same questions over and over.


Arko Ganguli
When you are signed into various workspaces, the notifications are all over the place, and also sometimes slack puts notifications on for stuff I have already checked. Very annoying when I am in the middle of something. So I switch off all notifications on slack and just check the workspaces on a regular basis. Not the ideal way but definitely a better life.
Alex Freas
@arko_ganguli1 Interesting, I've not found the notifications too bad myself, though when you get tangled in a group DM with other people, it's nonstop!
Ana Mogul
For a long time, there wasn't an easy way to log into all the Slack servers you're a part of
Alex Freas
@arwina_mogul1 is there now? I still have to login individually 🤔
Jared Loftus
THREADS. I'm constantly missing them unless I get @ replied.
Krupa Bhagat
Slack's call function never seems to work properly. You always have to resort to some other app to get on calls with team members.
Nazan Kurt
@krupa_bhagat Many teams using Slack use Commons for audio communication. It's frictionless, drop in audio and our users love it. We just launched to public today on PH (https://www.producthunt.com/post...). Would love it if you try and share your thoughts.
Edita Dermontaité
I hate when someone writes me a direct message, I click on it with a though to reply later, but then I forget (sometimes I can't recall anymore who said it either)
Alex Freas
@edita My strategy for this is to just start typing my initial thoughts for the message, then Slack will save it as a draft, and it's listed in Drafts.
Nazan Kurt
@edita This is what I hate most as well. Takes so much mental space and always worry I'll miss something important. Async communication and documenting certain communication is valuable but when everything is async, that's too much to process.
Katy Hardt
No ability to schedule messages. I use gator to get around this but the integration is clunky.
Slack is generally very slow in navigating, switching between workspaces, loading etc,. success rates of calls are less than 20%, the functions of the UX is confusing. The notifications are all over the place. Mobile vs desktop apps read messages sync are out of the place.
vina melody
I wish that it automatically loads the same workspaces. Like how Firefox preload the bookmarks, or Discord in one mac will have the same channels on the other mac.
Marina Korobka
I've worked with several communication tools like Slack, and I'd say so far Slack is the best one I've worked with. Of course, I started to appreciate it after I started using another tool at my new agency. I miss Slack(( It's really way better than the others so please don't hate it))
Emma Phượng Nguyễn
Noise -- I have around 20+++ Slack Groups. Just can't keep my head on track with so many buzz around. It's also the reason why I leave social media for a very long time.
Daniel James
Notifications in Slack are an utter cluster. Even being in like 2 workspaces is a nightmare and I hate team chat workspaces because of it. I want there to be a way to highlight unread messages and but notify me of activity. Sort of like a 'soft do not disturb'.
Andreas W
The Huddle feature on Slack is cumbersome and difficult to use. The lack of a dialling or ringing tone in Huddle can be frustrating and may make users feel obligated to answer immediately. The Huddle feature is not as functional as the old Call feature, which is being deprecated in March 2023. It can be hard to add people to a Huddle or to find the screen-sharing feature. Notification problems with Huddle can be an issue. Text formatting, specifically with emojis, can be a problem when pasting prepared text into Slack. Many users prefer the old Call feature and are unhappy with the Huddle feature as a replacement.