What do you hate about Remote Work?

Maya Ben Zid
16 replies
I'm planning to host an event series to discuss remote workers' struggles. I gathered up ideas, but I need to hear stories based on real experience so please amaze me!


Chandan Das
1. You Have Work FOMO. The fear of missing out, also known as FOMO, is very real, and can arise when you're physically separated from your workplace and co-workers. 2. A 24-Hour Workday. 3. Never leaving the house. 4. Procrastination. 5. Lack of tech support
Maya Ben Zid
@chandan_shopify I heard a lot about FOMO! I think with being seperated from your colleagues, it can be arranged if you work in a virtual office space. So you can still have side convos with them and catch up on things! The ones thing that I'm currently struggling with is overworking, so I'm tryna set times when I can just move away from desk, walk around the house, do some stretching in my balcony, or anything that involves physical movement.
Ellois Taryn
There is nothing to hate about remote work. Sometimes I don't even get out of my pajamas.
Maya Ben Zid
@arrasoma_urbernp You're not alone XD I see some of my co-workers working in pjs all the time. I used to have them on 24/7 too, but I found it easier to crawl back to bed whenever I feel a bit tired. Now, I always wear something that's comfortable but work appropriate to get myself in the mood! Doing your hair and makeup never hurts too ;)
Jaskiran Kaur
I hate poor internet connection , because of that I can't here my colleagues properly and also I hate that I can't socialize with them.
Maya Ben Zid
@jaskiran_kaur I RELATE! My internet speed drops below 2 Mbps sometimes which sucks! But my team and I use a service with a stable network, the minimum required is 3 mbps but I can use it with ease even with less than that number XD
Maya Ben Zid
@jaskiran_kaur Also why can't you socialize with them?
Jaskiran Kaur
@maya_ovice Like when I was in the office , we all sit together for sometime , ate lunch and talked about everything. If someone was in tension we cool him/her down, etc . I miss those moments.
Callister Tammi
Errrmmm nothing!!!I love it here. I never wanna go back to the office.
Azmin Brown
so many distractors at home...
Maya Ben Zid
@ldridgeli_efilipponb hmm I understand, especially people who have kids around, or pets I guess (speaking from personal experience)
Przemyslaw Rudnik
Habits related to location which is home. For example TV, cleaning around, wife, snacks...
Maya Ben Zid
@przemyslaw_rudnik1 I understand. Maybe you should try dedicating a personal office space that's not the living room area, bedroom, or kitchen, 'cause usually that's where all the distractions are. Some people work in their balconies, or even in the attic lol You can take short breaks to watch some TV or hang out with your wife, juste to balance between your personal and work life.
Tuğçe Içözü
I hate to feel that I'm losing my communication skills. Sometimes it's getting depressing.