What do you do to keep your team happy and engaged in the new normal?

Maha Mehdi
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To all the managers and team members out there, everyone is looking to try new ideas to lift the spirits and keep each other engaged at work. Is there anything you've done recently that was out of the box or unique enough that you'd like to share for the benefit of anyone reading this discussion?


Pallavi Jaisinghani
I've been writing happiness letters to my team at Walkover.in since last 2 years. It's a practice we started on alternate off weekends to help Walkers (our team) explore, experience & enjoy. We talk about things to do, places to visit, series to watch, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, leading a happy life. It talks about practising happiness no matter the circumstances while managing the chaos & stress. The times are tough for all and it is through this happiness newsletter that Walkover tries to keep its team pepped up and calm. Anyone can subscribe to the happiness newsletter. https://walkover.in/happiness
Maha Mehdi
@pallavi_jaisinghani This is such a nice share Pallavi. I am glad you talked about this, would love to try something similar with my team. "Practising Happiness" is what I have summarised from your comment. Walkers is a cool name btw :)
Chandan Das
Group singing in video call. Appreciate every week with extra cash
Video sessions, ask, care about them
Maha Mehdi
@robinkunz That's a good one, really helps some of the more reserved team members get into the spirit of sharing.