What do you do to feel less information overload?

Piotr Borkowicz
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What do you do to feel less information overload? How do you deal with so-called zoom fatigue, and do you have any techniques for keeping your attention in meetings?


Abraham Samma
You need a means to filter everything and prioritize. It could be a notebook, a calendar app or an all in one app. Then, you need to nurture a habit around using those means to the max. Then, it becomes easier. I can't productively at all in my job as a medical researcher without my TiddlyWiki based app which acts as a very customizable free substitute for Notion. Super effective.
Qudsia Ali
To keep my focus in zoom meetings, I try taking notes of the whole zoom meeting, whether the discussion is unrelated to me.
Piotr Borkowicz
@qudsia_ali that's a good one! I've been trying to make more notes like this lately, I'm just kind of struggling with myself where to collect them, if I paste them on slack I'm afraid they'll get lost
Saif Ullah Khalid
@qudsia_ali What do you do if the discussion gets boring? I mean, if I am attending a meeting and the topic is irrelevant, I start losing interest in it.
Qudsia Ali
@saif_ullah_khalid Try asking questions related to the subject. This will help you to be more active.
Qudsia Ali
@peter_borkowicz You can use any note-taking app or notion to store them so that you do not lose them later on.
Christian Jonathan
One thing I do to combat information overload is to unsubscribe from unnecessary email subscriptions, especially those that are marketing-related. The average person receives 121 emails per day and spends 28 percent of their workweek reading and responding to emails, so it's important to be thoughtful about the newsletters, notifications, and other email messages you're subscribing to. Another thing I do is take breaks throughout the day to stretch my body or take a quick walk outside. When I'm feeling overwhelmed, these breaks help me refresh my mind and come back to my work with a new perspective. Finally, I try not to multitask as much as possible and instead focus on one task at a time so that I can give it my full attention.
Dima Zubchenko
Practicing device free sundays. Works really well for me!
Suvojit Manna
Written communication ! Before meeting as a team we write an agenda of what is to be discussed. And during meeting notes, to maximize the meeting outputs.
Maya Ben Zid
I try to not multitask unless strictly necessary. Besides, I mute Slack notifications when I'm working on a task that requires concentration. Keeping fewer tabs open is also a big one for me.