What do you do to ensure a Tweet with a URL sells for you?

Saul Fleischman
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Ashton Ellsworth
2nd option except it was always 2key, sometimes with Urlgeni.us qr codes added; this led to breaking a lot of things by effecting a double blind split test with results unclear unless thoroughly granulated. Naturally, after much help improving what was broken by the overzealous approach, these tools are only more powerful for tweet exposure than ever before. Combined with Tetranode validation, a tweet can be posted and already getting Google rankings exposure by the time you would be half done typing the old way.
Jacob Nelson
I craft engaging and concise copy that speaks directly to my target audience, use visually appealing images or graphics, employ relevant hashtags for increased visibility, create a clear call-to-action, and monitor engagement metrics to adjust and refine my approach as needed.