What do you do AFTER you launch?

Joanna Kurylo
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Hey guys! Our team is getting ready for our Product Hunt Launch on Wednesday. Over the past few weeks (months even), I've been trying to talk to as many people as possible regarding their own launches. What went well, what didn't, what was the most surprising part of the launch, what were the lessons learned. But I've realized, I haven't been asking enough about what to do AFTER you launch. I don't mean the same day, or even the day after. Our team plans to be hyperfocused on engaging with the community as much as possible and answering everybody's questions. But what are some things that a team that launches on Product Hunt should be doing 2 weeks after the launch, a month after, even 3 months after. Are there any best practices on continuing to engage with our upvoters post launch? Should we be reguarly sending out updates, if so, how often? Is there such thing as too often? I've noticed some that launch on Product Hunt end up launching "micro" products again on Product Hunt after launch. Is that the norm, or no?


Fabian Maume
Check how the product hunt cohort behaves. With the launch, you certainly got a spike in traffic and signup. You need to check how those people will interact with your tool. Do they keep using the tool after one week or do they just sign up out of curiosity? If some people commented on your launch but did not sign up try to outreach to them on other channels (Linkedin & Twitter). Keep on monitoring the product hunt discussion, there might be some discussions relevant to your product. We actually plan to enable product hunt discussion monitoring on QApop.