What DAOs are you building?

Eyal Cohen
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Few months ago, I fell in love with the concept of DAOs and after being an active crypto investor since 2017, started building one of my own with a few fellow Forbes 30U30 listers. Curious to hear what DAOs you might be building and maybe one or two things you love most (or would want to see) about DAOs


Eyal Cohen
I’ll go first.. Hey everyone, A few of us listers have been working on a DAO the last few months. U30 DAO is a networking DAO that brings together influential people to solve humanity’s most difficult problems — ones that require coordination across social, economic, and political domains. Examples include covid response and policies by the state. Or regulatory hurdles for urban mobility, crypto, climate change, and gig economy. CoFounded with: - Eru Matsumoto: Forbes 30 Grammy-winning cellist - Cristina De La Peña - Forbes 30 founder of Synapbox - Gidon Rotteveel - cofounder of DelkaTalents, manages over 17B YouTube views through the creators under management. - James Lin - cofounder of Crunchyroll (largest anime streaming platform - sold to Sony for $1.2B) - Eyal (me) Forbes 30 founder/prev CEO of Zentap, proptech/adtech SaaS platform. Now am building a Fintech (home equity backed credit card) Curious to hear your thoughts and hear from the rest of you. If interested to learn more: https://discord.gg/kDXUwMS5Bq www.u30.xyz
Vasiliy Shilov
🙌 As a blockchain expert and the founder of Tookey.io, I'm always excited to talk about DAOs!" We're currently collaborating on a few unique DAOs, but I can't reveal all of the details just now. What I can say is that decentralized autonomous organizations have the potential to transform the way we structure and govern our own abilities. 💌 One of my favorite aspects of DAOs is their capacity to bring people from all around the world together to work toward a shared objective. It's similar to a virtual community in which everyone has a voice and may contribute in their own unique way. Furthermore, because of the blockchain's transparency and immutability, there is no need for trust or middlemen. In terms of what I'd like to see in DAOs, I think more user-friendly interfaces and tools for non-technical individuals to join would be fantastic. We must ensure that DAOs are accessible to everyone, not just the technically adept. Of course, we must continue to improve DAO safeness and privacy, which is where Tookey.io comes in! 🔬 Keep an eye out for Tookey and our upcoming contributions to DAO initiatives if you're interested in DAOs and want to be a part of the future of decentralized governance. Remember to HODL with a sense of humor!)