What changes will you bring with you when we eventually get back to normal?

Aaron O'Leary
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Things have undoubtedly changed dramatically and it may be a case of some things coming with us when we go back to normal. For me it will be wearing a mask in winter, I hate the flu and I get it every single winter bar the previous one so if I can prevent it, I'm going to.


Fu Fei
Async reporting
Alex Freas
@fu_fei What do you mean by this? In the sense that we use messaging for status updates?
Fu Fei
@sashimiblade yea. expecting colleagues to reply to questions that we have right away on their slack. It's incredibly distracting for everyone involved. + Video meetings are such a time suck. Imagine taking the hourly rate of everyone in that meeting. That's the cost of having everyone present there to listen to one person speak.
Shiva Prabhakaran
Asynchronous task management and greatly reduced meetings / "catch ups".
Eddie Husarcik
This is a fantastic question! I'll continue to read out to my friends and family more often. Just checking in with people in general. Taking the time every day to call someone and catch up is important!
Henry Dobson
I'll deffo keep wearing masks during the winter and flu seasons. For the past 1 year I haven't even catched a common cold. If this period ends, I'm not giving up on masks.
Jack Davis
I will continue to be thankful for my good health!
Devanand Premkumar
@jack_davis7 Being grateful for what we have now is more important. Adding to that, it is also our way of showing and reflecting back on what we need.
Nice question @aaronoleary . Here's my admittedly grim take on it, borrowed from a post i made today. Thoughts to keep in mind when the world eventually gets back to normal : How under-appreciated minimum wage employees, essential workers and healthcare professionals are. How fragile and disunited we are as a society, when all we had to do was wash hands, wear masks and stay quarantined to help each other. But, we still managed to mess it up.      How interconnected we all really are, when one event in a country far away is enough to bring the whole world to a standstill. How even a global pandemic was not enough for all of us to keep aside our petty differences and hatred. How we refuse to take proactive steps and instead wait for people to suffer before realizing or taking action How we have been pursuing the wrong priorities to judge ourselves as 'developed','modern' or 'advanced' by building infrastructure for convenience, instead of ones for sustenance.
Kat Kajderowicz🦀
Seconded! Masks on public transit, too! 😄👍🏻
Varsha Anil
Continue to sanitise your surroundings often, maintain distance and normalise wearing mask when you have a cold.
Raghav Goyal
Valuing everything around me much more than before. Relationships, the ups, the lows, all the experiences, each living moment, so much to learn, so much to absorb.
Devanand Premkumar
@rg97 This is the obvious reality of life. What we wanted earlier are no longer needed. What we thought as trivial make up for the major requirement in our current situation. Family, health, relationships so much goodness in this world which are worth caring for.
Denis Goncharov
I'll continue working and learning distantly and taking care of my health
Vikki Collins
I will continue to appreciate the simple things in life, not take things for granted, continue with a good work/life balance, pay more attention to my surroundings rather than just rush to get everywhere and make more effort to see friends and family...this pandemic has made me realise how quickly it can all be taken away!
Faizal Mulla
Sanitizing groceries, keeping outside clothes seperate from in home clothes, steaming every now and then
Prateek Mathur
I will hopefully not have to go to an office, so that's a change in itself. I think buyers have changed the way they buy and I don't really see a need to travel and stay away from my family as often as earlier.
Kelly Stocker
Say no to over-obligation and leggings. All day errrr day
Nursena İşler
Socialize! Yes, we need it the most in these difficult times, but I think there may be strange silences between people on our first dates after everything is over and the world returns to normal. Breaking ice can be a little harder than usual! But after a while, we will get over this and again we will dive into breathless conversations!
Jyo Boral
Making different kinds of sandwiches.
Bosky Mukherjee
Appreciation for life and the small moments that I have started cherishing in life
Elen Udovichenko
Staying away from people as much as I can 😅