What brings you the most joy, pre-launch?

Dylan Merideth
8 replies
We have to create a lot of our own good vibes when in the development phase, and I just want to know what gave you a smile recently.


Dylan Merideth
little upticks in page views on the website got me excited, its about these little wins to keep positive
Ezzat Suhaime
Knowing that we met a deadline is always nice
Dylan Merideth
@ezzat Its all about scoring easy points, hitting deadlines reflects solid planning paired with execution, a good sign, nay a great sign for any business
Paul VanZandt
Thinking about the first day of a sprint vs the last day is always an accomplished feeling.
Dylan Merideth
@paul_vanzandt Looking back is such a helpful activity, brings perspective to you when you're all "zoomed in" on a task cascade
Akash Zaveri
The idea of helping people through our product is most exciting! Doing conceptual design work, building in public and working with an awesome team are big reasons too!