What asset tracker app are you using?

Hadican Catak
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There are plenty of different applications on the market for asset tracking. It's hard to choose which one is the best. There are minimal ones like Stox or interesting ones like Qooore. So which application do you use to manage your portfolios or track investments?


James Johnson
Today, technology has facilitated us with almost everything. It has certainly made our lives easier by providing us with a variety of reliable and much-needed gadgets, that we can use to benefit our family and loved ones. The benefit of GPS is that it allows us to track the people in our family and loved ones such as kids, senior citizens, teens, and pet dogs. A hidden GPS tracker for children has come as a savior that permits us to take timely action and reduce the chances of risk and mishaps. GPS tracking technology has proven to be advantageous for working parents who intend to keep their family members safe and sound.
Evgenia Evseeva
Hey Hadican, we are going to launch asset tracker in the nearest future on ProductHunt! Let's stay in touch so that I could notify you about the launch. p.s. You can find more valuable resources on asset tracking in our blog https://www.navexa.io/blog/asset...