What area of your communication at work you'd like to improve?

Samuli Pehkonen
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Hi! Around 6 months ago we started a blog that aims to help professionals across various teams and roles communicate better at work. The focus has been on email (both external and internal) but we cover also messaging – think Slack and LinkedIn dms. For example, we've already covered many topics highly-relevant to founders. Communications (especially through our keyboards) is increasingly important part of our work no matter we like it or not, so I'd like to think that there's lot's of ground to cover here. Any ideas on topics to cover or specific blog post you'd like to read? Any input is greatly appreciated!


Hamed Baatour
if you write a comprehensive guide on how the different Myers personality types should communicate. (e.g how INFJs should think before speaking with an INTJs...) as an INTJ myself, I need to understand rationally how other types process information during a conversation (written/spoken). an actionable cheat sheet for each personality type would be awesome! 16personalities.com is great but I'm thinking of something shorter more straight to the point with an emphasis on communication. 🤔
Tanoy Chowdhury
If I had only one choice, then my pick would be "Empathy in communication." Since the focus is on written communication, starting a separate series on how to add more empathy in communication will work well. Written communication can be deceptive. What I mean to write can be perceived differently. A bit of empathy shows more caring, and therefore, will avoid uncomfortable situations.