What are your top 5 tools for content creation? ✍️

Max Beelow
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Name your top 5 tools that help you create better content!


Gleb Braverman
I use Notion for long drafts, iOS Notes app for short drafts, Buffer to get it all out in an easy way Don't use anything else as frequently as those 3!
Max Beelow
@gleb_braverman thank you so much for sharing your top apps, Gleb! I'll definitely check out Notion.
Mary Scotorenko
1) Grammarly for sure. And I think I'm not the only one here :) 2) Rank Tracker when I look for keywords and content ideas. 3) Canva. I'm absolutely in love with this tool and use it a lot in my social media activities. 4) Evernote is good for taking notes. 5) CopyScape Plagiarism Checker helps me discover duplicate content. You may also want to check this list of content creation tools: https://www.link-assistant.com/n...
@mary_skt Try out Crello! Similar to Canva, and while I still love Canva above all else, Crello gives a lot of ideas that you can incorporate when using Canva
sabrina towa
@mary_skt Great list! Its almost flawless, the only thing that I would add here is duplicate content checker from studyhippo, I think its better than CopyScape, even though its a really good tool. The other 4 tools that you have shared are great!
Cica-Laure Mbappé
Google sheets to organize my content Canva and Photoshop to design it Grammarly (a must!) Buffer to schedule content
Namrata Arya
Procreate app on my iPad often comes to my rescue. Have started using copy.ai and peppertype.ai off late thanks to ProductHunt 🙌
Matt Benites
Our startup has Ai that writes all the content for you! Until we get the image synthesis fine-tuned and working at least 80%, we use Canva for images and templates and we let MuseCCA (our product) to fill it it. Lastly, we use Later to schedule and post them all across our social medias and to keep up with conversations between them.
I use Qinaps for long drafts, Canva for design building and publer to share it on platform Don't use anything else as frequently as those 3!
Fabian Maume
Missinglettr V3 is nice for content distribution. I'm also using QApop to get content idea from Quora (but as it is my own tool I'm biased with it)
Google sheet, Grammarly, Canva, Evernote, Buffer!
Swan Bella
Check these tools for your content creation Unsplash Google Drive Research Tool EpicBeat
Hesam Tavakoli
I say very briefly Notion / Grammarly / Canva / CopyScape / Evernote / Buffer And other tools that I can not remember :)
Alice Rodgers
Canva, Copy AI, Gsuite, Grammarly, Figma
Fekry Aiad
Mainly notion, got started on Craft recently - and am over the moon with its potential!
Isabel Nyo
Tools that help me create BETTER content are: 🔎 Google search - For doing research on the topic that I am writing 📸 Unsplash - I make a point to add appropriate photos to all my writing - check out my medium to see what I mean: https://medium.com/@eisabai 🎨 Canva - I like to create custom images from time to time eg: https://eisabainyo.net/weblog/20... ✍️ Evernote - It does the job, not the fanciest kind of text Editor but I like it simple. I can also edit my content from multiple devices. ✅ Grammarly - A lifesaver coz English is my 2nd language.
Google docs word counter plagiarism checker small seo tools.com
Amanda Adamson
I use Pablo. I like this tool.
Octavian Codrea
Hmmm, most likely: 1) Figma 2) Photoshop 3) This little note-taking app I got on my phone called ColorNote 4) Blender 3D <3 5) Illustrator for things I can't get done in Figma