What are your top 3 goals for the next week?

Siddhesh Lokare
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Mine are as follows: 1. Kickstart a student ambassador program 2. Create textual content 3. Influencer onboarding


Misha Krunic
Hello, @siddhesh_lokare1 ! Good luck with your goals! As for the number 2 are you writing a blog or some other type of content? My goals are: 1. Publish another article on my new blog page 2. Refresh the homepage on my latest project's website 3. Start working more intensely on GUI for my latest project Cheers!
Alina Ihnatiuk
Hey! Writing a content plan. Video editing. YouTube channel design.
1. Building my own Charts UI Kit 2. Building a community about Design 3. I've too much work with the 2 first step 😱
Daniel Baum
Hey @siddhesh_lokare1 , how are you kickstarting a student ambassador program? Sounds like an interesting topic on its own!
Siddhesh Lokare
@daniel_baum Hey yes we are opening applications and also kickstarting some online events for college students. Do you have any suggestions or queries?
Daniel Baum
@siddhesh_lokare1 Sometimes it helps to visit campus and sponsor events. Tilt did a great job of college ambassadors. But it depends on the product you're trying to push. Do you have any 'lead' ambassadors recruiting their friends?
robiul haque
Take up one new hobby,Schedule one fun team-building activity per quarter, Learn to trust your gut by practicing mindfulness once per day and many more.
Nick Bess
As time passed I hope you guys have achieved your goals. If nobody minds, I'd continue the discussion. So, this week my main goals are: 1. start blogging regularly to promote my website 2. finish a project on a knowledge base https://writinguniverse.com/know... (I do hope I'll be able to help my friends) 3. make my site more accessible (I think there is a lot of work there) Well, if we are talking not only about work, I'd add body drying and more exercises to the list (though it would be better to add to my 3-month goal list, I guess).