What are your top 3 digital tools you use every work day?

Ondřej Valuštík
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I was with my friends on beer, and we are speaking about the digital products - which one we use the most... For me, it's Discord, Gmail, Todoist. What about you?


Linda Liepa
Hard to pick up only three, but here it goes: Awario - to track mentions from Twitter and Reddit about relevant topics, where our company can participate in promoting our services Jira - track issues and manage projects Social media platforms - Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Quora
Vinnie Tran
My top thee tools are Gmail, Slack, and ClickUp. Gmail- To track emails Slack- To communicate with other members in the team. I like it so muchhhhhh when I can insert links, bold text, call, search files, integrate to other tools,… ClickUp- To manage team sprint, tasks, and so on
Derek Duban
Google Drive/Docs, Google Analytics, and the usual social media set.
Nick Hutton
Mixpanel, Notion and Canva!
Anthony Simon
Trello - to keep track of issues, rough ideas, feature requests, etc.. GitHub - with the new in-browser editor, I use it to do small edits all the time (I keep all my stuff in git repos, including blog posts and so on). Slack - besides chat, I also have channels for monitoring alerts and Stripe notifications. It's like a linear history of what's going on each day. For example, I get bot alerts for customer upgrades/cancelations and also for increased traffic or website issues. Up and coming: Notion - I recently switched to it and now use it to keep track of ideas, drafting blog posts, and keeping bookmarks and notes.
Chris Ashby
Very basic tools for me, keeping it simple and focusing on getting stuff done: - Figma (I run a design service so figures!) - Notion (For pretty much everything related to the business, goals, to do lists, business development, etc) - Webflow (For my daily posts, blog articles, and refining/testing my business website)
Maryann Superlano
Trello, Google docs and gmail
Mahak from Outgrow
My top three tools are Google Chat, Gmail and Outgrow.co: Google chat and Gmail : To communicate with the team Outgrow.co: for making interactive calculators and quizzes
Notion - Spark - iCal. I try to use Notion as much as possible. Prefer to house everything inside one application!
Valerie Borshch
- Ahrefs.com, - Weje.io, - Snov.io :D Actually, I can't stop on 3, + mail and messengers as well + analytics stuff
✔️ Slack ✔️ Click Up ✔️ Ahrefs
- Whatsapp, along with - Whatsresponse - a rules based autoresponder for whatsapp. www.whatsresponse.com www.producthunt.com/posts/whatsr... can also double up as a social CRM for small business use. - Outlook - self created Excel widgets