What are your productivity tools?

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New Month new tools. What are the best tools for productivity?


I'm still old fashioned: Slack, I try SmartOffice, otherwise I use todo and reminder. from google
Paul VanZandt
I use ClickUp to track tasks and manage my day - it's pretty helpful.
Launching soon!
I use Trello and a to-do list, plus physical notebooks, to keep track of my tasks for better productivity.
Marius S.
We've developed a productivity suite (https://zenkit.com/en/). It includes apps for project management, note-taking, task management, forms and messaging. This way we have all that we need in one place 🙂 smoothly integrated with each other.
Dow Osage
Trello for team stuff, Calendar for my own stuff, Tasks for stuff with out a due date (cant be calendared), Slack for communication, gmail for those not on Slack, and Dokkio for file management including Slack files and gmail attachments.
Sudheer Bandaru
At Insightly, we're developing a tool to help measure and improve the productivity of software developers, so they can build better software faster but without getting burnt out. https://www.insightly.ai/
Valeria Migova
I personally love to use online whiteboard Weje. It helps me collect, organise, plan, and share the most valuable data. Really convenient and helpful tool.
tira.so. Chat, task & project management, and a calendar all in one place! There's a cool drag & drop feature where you can easily drag a task to a chat to discuss it with your team.
Pavel Kukhnavets
My favorites are Zoom, Slack, Hygger, Notion and GanttPRO. These tools help my team and me plan and manage our tasks, communicate, and analyze our work in a professional manner.
Jam Straw
What's are the best Productivity Tools in 2024?