What are your manual workflows? #no-code

Renat Gabitov
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Hey Product Hunt, Last week, we launched Bardeen.ai and became the product of the week! Massive thanks for the support. Now, we'd love to help fellow makers automate some of their manual workflows and save time. If you share your workflows, I can build automations for you! https://www.producthunt.com/post...


Pascal Weinberger
For example, here are the playbooks I used to prepare for this launch: (shared them using the Bardeen sharing tool so you can use them too!) - Copy top Product Hunt posts to a Google sheet (link: https://bardeen.ai/s/eHAcbW4HKU9T) - Create Jira issues with a shortcut and from an email thread (link: https://bardeen.ai/s/HFNQcHgUaDl3) - Automatically join the next meeting and open meeting notes just before the meeting (link: https://bardeen.ai/s/YVAVUw0ECDEQ) - Every day at a given time, send the top ten products to a Slack channel (link: https://bardeen.ai/s/fAopEgxiJyZi) - Send outreach email to a Github user from the currently open profile (link: https://bardeen.ai/s/dWQoLg0tTnRW)