What are your Legal Tech favorite products and why?

Justin Buchanan
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I'd like to build out my collection of "Super Helpful Legal Tech Tools"... Any other helpful Legal Tech tools out there? What are your favorite products and why?


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My company uses SeedLegals. They're pretty good for the basic stuff. No complaints.
Product Stuff @ TermScout
@greg_ludvickson1 pretty slick UI thanks for the rec!
Product Stuff @ TermScout
here's collection so far. thanks again! https://www.producthunt.com/@jus...
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Great topic! I know more about this from the estate planning side (my company, Easeenet.com, provides easy digital estate planning) but I think EstateExec has a cool product https://www.estateexec.com/ and of course FreeWill https://www.freewill.com/ is doing really great work too!