What are your expectations from this Monday?

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Keren Brickman
Trying to stay zen and organize myself for the week to come 😌
Emily Hodgins
@keren_brickman Keren same. Mondays can often feel like the most unzen day of the week, but I like feeling grounded to start my week off strong.
I have officially launched my new icon kit: https://jimmylollipop.gumroad.co... 🎉 I'm waiting for Iconfinder's approval and ... enjoy my first sale, that would be nice! What about you ? 👀
Just to have some rest after my exam week haha
Hamed Baatour
improve the loading speed of InTab's landing page as a preparation for the launch. (to increase conversions)
Joanna Kurylo
Working to prepare for our Product Hunt launch for Atom Pay --> www.AtomPay.me So excited!