What are you working on this week

Chandan Maruthi
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Ok founders and startup folks. What are you working on this week ? #BuildInPublic I'll go first, I am adding finishing touches to Google Oauth for TeamSync. Worked like crazy over the weekend. But need to test it well before it goes out.


Misha Krunic
Hi, @chandan_maruthi1 ! This week (and probably a couple of the following weeks, as well) I'm going to mostly use for working on features of my latest project, BotMeNot, perhaps redo some web design aspects and start being much more active when it comes to acquiring beta users. Cheers!
Hey, take a rest during the week 😌 Working on my own UI kit for Figma - will be available soon, hope it will help people around there
Alina Ihnatiuk
I am working on a new content plan for social media for the second part of the month))
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
Joining some awesome communities, working on content marketing ideas, and setting up my company's CRM! Wishing you all a productive week!
Raul C
Working on my client's web project and trying to deliver final results this week. :)
I started working on doing market research for businesign.com.
Jesús Zorrilla
doing some exploration on machine learning visual models
Romeoeo Romeoeo
This week I am so busy. Very hectic routine. A lot of work to do. I am badly stuck on my site traveling working. I wanted to feel relaxed.
Building my website in webflow 😁 Been enjoying it a lot, so far!
Jaskiran Kaur
I am working on my Company's product CereKart. It is On-Demand Delivery App. Great for Restaurants, pharmacies, grocery shops,etc What are you working on?