What are you working on?

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What interesting project/side gig/startup are you working on right now?


Amin Mossadek
our website with access to a cloud platform www.coinanalytics.io
Paul Mit
FlowMapp — UX tools for Web Designers 🥏 https://www.flowmapp.com/ Aaply — Mobile apps design tool ✨https://aaply.app/ I love it all.
Alina Ihnatiuk
Over a crypto art project :)
Nishith from True Sparrow
thursday.social where remote teams do weekly socials.
Bertha Kgokong
Intergrated Business Management Software for small business - https://skhokho.io/
Dave Bain
Gearing up to release a better trading app for stocks and crypto. It uses tonnes of data and analytics to buy the dip and sell at the top (not just another place to submit orders). Coming soon...
Valeria Migova
Im working on quality assurance of a freelance marketplace, kind of upwork/fiverr
Nim Ron
Working with our great team at Amy on the launch of our tool which provides actionable insights for every business interaction. Super excited about it!
Deyson Ortiz
Video animation templates to help Video Content Creators save time 😊
Madeline Russell
Hi :) I'm actually working on improving this article on my company's blog right now: https://www.eleken.co/blog-posts...
ᗰᗩ᙭ ᒍ.
Working on a free social networking tool, virtual contact card called, ✌ melink https://melink.to/
Joanna Kurylo
We're building a tool to help freelancers, solo-entrepreneurs, service providers and influencers monetize their digital services and content! Launching on product hunt soon :) www.atomcomplete.com
Jason Chen
We're currently working on https://www.airsnap.io, a session replay solution for mobile app!
Archisman Das
We're working on a product that makes it simpler for people to participate in DeFi protocols. Currently, over 200 Million people hold cryptocurrencies, while less than 10 Million are part of DeFi. Our goal is to change that and help folks take advantages of the higher yield opportunities in DeFi.
Kirman Smith
There are a lot of different resources that are helping to make my work easier, so in order to implement my idea in life, I was using https://empeek.com/ which helped me with creation a special health care application for customers and patients appointments. The cost of this solution is pretty affordable and I am currently working on this solution to make the comfort of my patients better.
Daria Kalinovskaya
Hello! @ajeyasriganesh check out our launch RELE.AI today! We are very excited to hear questions and feedback :)
Semyon Fridman
Developing an AI-driven application designed to streamline everyday tasks. It features integrated collection of shortcuts, speech tool, and a research engine to enhance your workflow significantly. https://biotechsol.studio/