What are you using for sign-up/sign-in in the products you are making?

Serge Zaitsev
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Do you use any specific auth providers, like firebase, auth0, okta etc? Do you build everything on your own? Do you allow email sign-ups or only restrict to 3rd-party logins via Twitter, Google etc?


Saša Starčević
My friends and I have started working on our Upcoming product and decided to use Google SSO.
Dmitry Pavluk
I just spent a couple of weeks re-architecting our company's authentication system to use Auth0. We're currently doing only email/password to control ingress but the ease of plugging in SSO/MFA/SAML/LDAP was part of the decision to go with Auth0.
Jan-Joachim Müller
We use email sign-ups and will implement a bunch of different 3rd-party logins (Twitter, Google, Facebook) so that it is easier for our customers to register/subscribe..
Wias Issa
Hey @zsergo - We've had fantastic experiences with Auth0 - saved us a lot of time and headache of having to build authentication ourselves. And not-so-fantastic experiences with AWS Cognito - not mature enough yet IMO.
Tanay Gauba
All the social logins are not safe right now. They store your personal data and can lead to data breaches. Creating passwords and remembering them is a tiresome exercise and OTP authentication only provides 70% of successful logins. Now it is time to switch to a Password-less login. I'm working on a product which will eliminate passwords for everyone. We are soon releasing the API for public so you can also onboard users hassle free and without the need to maintain any kind of database for passwords.